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Safety (International) Pte. Ltd.




Gilbert PI Security & Safety (International) Pte. Ltd. was formed in May 2016 and is owned 100% by locals with extensive experiences in Security, Investigations and Audit that goes when beyond the shores.

The Primary Objective of the business is to provide Security Officers, Security Audits, Intrusion Exercises, and referrals to equipment providers to Commercial buildings, Retail businesses. We provide specially trained and handpicked Officers for event venues and for other related requirements.

Our Vision

To assure peace of mind to our clients by providing the excellent protection.

Our Mission

Gilbert PI, Security & Safety (International) Pte Ltd will endeavor to eradicate worry for clients who require able Security Officers for their buildings, facilities, and events and also by providing excellent round the clock service for clients that includes in-depth training for their employees.

Company Ownership

Mr. Gilbert De Silva is the Managing Director and founder of Gilbert Pi Security & Safety (International) Pte. Ltd. The business is incorporated as a Private Limited Corporation to enable to generate Jobs for ex Police Officers and Army Servicemen.

Managing Director

Our Managing Director looks after the overall affairs of the company and oversees the day to day Operations of the Company.

Gilbert De Silva a former Police Officer has received numerous accolades in high profile cases ie The Exorcism Case, The Nike. Toyota and many more. The Incumbent has also worked in an International Law Enforcement Agency with the Women and Child Trafficking Unit. He also conducts investigations on Commercial matters, Pre-employment screening, Corporate due diligence, Fraud investigations Shipping /Financial /External), Intellectual Property investigation, Grey market investigation Insurance claims verification.

Management Team

Mr D.S. Shannon is the Operation Manager and is responsible for Project Management

♦ Vendor Relationship Management 

♦ Staff Development

♦ Team Building and Training

♦ Customer Service 

♦ Budget Oversight

Shannon brings along a wealth of working experience with after growing from rank and file and supporting top management personnel and of successfully increasing efficiency and productivity whilst reducing costs and inefficiencies. Successful track record in creating venues and planning agendas. Proven ability to balance priorities, meet tight deadlines, and produce superior office management and support satisfaction. Known for thriving in dynamic, high- pressure environments.

Human Resource/ Admin

Ms. Dilhari Maldenya Kalinga is the Human Resource and Administration Officer. She's responsible for payroll matters and all other Human Resource issues.

She holds a degree in Accounting and has a number of years experience in payroll and administration of companies.

Our Services

Gilbert PI, Security & Safety (International) Pte Ltd will provide well trained officers for one or more of the following purposes:

♦ To provide Officers to man entrances man and screen guests/Employees

♦ To monitor client's premises with video surveillance equipment

♦ To protect client's assets, employees and guests

♦ To prevent crime with visual presence

♦ To eject unwanted customers or trespassers

♦ To liaison with police and emergency responders

In addition, the principals of the firm will also offer Security audits and recommendations for security plans. We will also provide referrals to providers of security technology (camera systems, etc.) Events coverage security and Personal Bodyguards Services

Gilbert PI, Security & Safety (International) Pte Ltd is a licensed, fully insured and offers unarmed officers, based on client needs and budgets. All officers are certified for security work through consistent training and upgrading. Whenever possible, the same officers will be deployed regularly to the same location. However, substitutes will be necessary from time to time and the Firm will ensure that detailed data provided to the Relief Officers on those occasions. Gilbert PI, Security & Safety (International) Pte Ltd will endeavor and prudently build the trust and confidence with clients on a long term basis.

Security Services (Permanent Team)

We provide trained and certified Security Officers and Security Supervisors for a round the clock basis to a range of clienteles from:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial and Government establishments
Mobile Patrol Team

As part of our Security Management, we offer Mobile Patrol Service.  Our operations staff will make random visits to our clients’ premises at intervals throughout the day and night to provide “extra eyes” in ensuring that your premises remain safe and secure and that your assets are being protected.

Executive Protection

We also provide executive protection services to:

Prominent local personalities and celebrities Our operatives are highly trained in Krav Maga, Close protection and Bodyguards. Their assignments include both local and overseas.

VIPs who are being threatened and fear for the safety of their family and themselves.

Companies or agencies that recruit foreign workers that need to escort estranged workers, transferred or deported back to their countries of origin.

Our executive protection officers are professionals who are skilled in various martial arts and explosive detection.

Check out what clients say

We are Mr and Mrs Kwok, residents of Laguna Green Unit #02-30. It is with great pleasure that we are writing to you to commend Christopher Kumal, who has been a wonderful security guard.

Christopher is friendly and personable. Every time we see him, without fail, he greets us by name and with a smile. He is sincere and we always look forward to chatting with him as we pass by the guardhouse. As the first person we see coming back home to Laguna Green at the gate, he makes the place have a pleasant and homely atmosphere and we feel welcomed home. It is no wonder that many residents know Christopher by name too, as he approaches everyone with genuineness and warmth.

Additionally, we have observed that Christopher puts effort into learning and upskilling himself. An employee who improves himself is an important and highly valuable asset to your security company.

Mr and Mrs Kwok

We would like to acknowledge the great service we have received from all the staff at Laguna Green since we arrived, specially from Madam Siti Fatimah and Mr. Christopher Kumar from whom we have always received excellent attention.

Ciro Pérez Silva


The Company recruits personnel between the ages of 21 and 55 years of age, but allows individuals to serve up to the age of 65 subject to their health and fitness for role (FFR).

The care of an individual’s welfare and the ongoing supervision and support in the performance of their duties highlights the caring yet disciplined approach the Company adopts for its biggest asset- Their Officers.

Screening Procedure

We screen all our security personnel with the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department (PLRD) before they are recruited/ deployed and ensure that they are licensed and trained.

Individuals who apply for positions with the Company are screened to ensure that they are suitable for employment.


All personnel selected for employment receive “Induction Training” as an introduction to the company, its philosophy and the different policies (i.e. Health and Safety) under which the company operates.

Appropriate in-house or external courses are then provided to ensure that all personnel are fully conversant with the site deployment requirement.

Those persons selected by the Company for employment as a Security Officer receive “Customer Service” and “Enhanced Basic Security” (WSQ) training. The course includes basic instruction on Fire Fighting.

The Company conducts its own Customer Service training using a qualified Training Officer. The “Enhanced Basic Security” is outsourced to professional training providers at Security Industry Institute or NTUC LHUB. Additionally all Officers are sent on specialized external courses to further improve their security education and customer service skills.

Quality Management Programme

The Company has developed its own “Quality Management Programme” appropriate for our industry and targeted markets. It is be in-line with the mandatory PWM requirement of the industry. The Program is very concise and is consistent for the type of work we undertake.

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